Caring And Respect For Elders

As a regular churchgoer, you may be quite familiar with the church’s elders. These are a few of the congregation’s finest gentlemen elected to assist the church’s pastor with the day to day running of the parish and the general ministry towards the community. And these days, it is not unusual for one or two ladies to be appointed to this committee either. How things have changed over the years.

But what truly distinguishes the church’s leaders from the rest? They generally have one thing in common. By dint of their titles, the elders are a lot older than the rest of the community, in many cases, older than the pastor as well. These are wise men, and ladies, who bring their years’ of life experience to the altar. But as the years go by, some of these fine men and women will be leaving. Their years will have advanced to such a point that they are no longer in a position to take care of themselves.

And it is time for the younger folks to take over. But such is life and many folks complain that they rarely have time to break away from their responsibilities to care for the elders. Ah well, so much for the lessons that seniors have imparted. But no matter for now. Elder Caregivers Draper will be in attendance. It is a residential type settlement for the town’s most senior folks no longer in a position to take care of themselves.

Elder Caregivers Draper

The settlement is manned by a few dedicated caregivers who have willingly and vocationally given up the time needed to care for those who are frail, ill or even bordering on senile. They have more than enough time for the work because they are doing it professionally on a full-time basis.