Crowns Both Cosmetic And Necessary

A crowning achievement. Or the crowning glory. Kings and queens wear crowns, but princesses still wear tiaras. And yes, even their subjects are wearing crowns these days, many people, in fact. Now, these are no regal crowns. Miraculously, front teeth may have been spared but it needed to receive the dental crowns corona treatment. Traditionally, the bishop or cardinal in all his morning glory attends to the coronation of the newly anointed king or queen.

But it is to the dentist that all the king and queen’s subjects must turn to for their crowns. They will not be receiving crowns for their heads. Indeed, they have all been blessed with a crown already. The dental crown helps them all to look as glamorous and gorgeous and handsome as their queen and king. Teeth may have yellowed or grown out of shape over the years. But they have not reached that stage of deterioration.

dental crowns corona

Once upon a time, many many years ago, in fact, in a kingdom not very far off from yours, that stage of deterioration was dreaded by all the poor peasants. There were no dentists around to extract their rotting and painful teeth. In fact, many folks had to line up at their local blacksmiths to have their teeth removed. Today, just as it was then, little children all around the world are still losing their teeth.

But it is never painful, quite natural in fact, and it is still a fairytale experience for some of the lucky ones whose moms and dads still believe in telling them fairy tales. Like the tooth fairy coming to collect their baby teeth. Or the shy little white mouse coming to lay down a little silver coin in return for the departed tooth.