Older Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want to get your teeth straightened, whitened, or have them made stronger, then you just need to find your local cosmetic dentist. Anyone can have a beautiful smile; it just takes some time and money. But the practice of having a smile fixed is something that the people of the ancient times did too.

They would often use bone parts as teeth, or even ivory. Imagine telling your cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn center that you wanted teeth like an elephant’s tusk! Gold and seashells were also used to replace and repair falling teeth – imagine how cool your smile would look.

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The first few tries at dentistry

Sometimes, dentists would cannibalize other teeth from dead humans and other animals and form those into dentures, and the practice continued into the 1800s. Some people even had wooden teeth and dentures during that time. Despite all these efforts, the body rejected the dentures and they were often very uncomfortable for the wearer, as well as difficult to clean properly.

Porcelain dentures were soon made, but due to the manufacturing process, it could take around a decade for them to be completed and given to the wearer. That’s a long time for some new teeth!

The modern day changes

Now that an easier molding process has been made and most dentures are made from acrylic, it only takes a matter of weeks to get a new tooth or set of dentures. The changes to cosmetic dentistry are only getting more advanced with time, and now you can get veneers, fillings, implants, and other dental items without worrying about if they will work or not.

But it is interesting to look back at what the ancient world did to make their mouths look wonderful, even if you’d never do it today!